Glow in the dark kids


So you and your friends have pitched up for the evening near the main stage with the picnic blankets and chairs – the sun goes down and the kids are running round the chairs dancing and playing… before long darkness falls and it’s easy to lose sight of the kids when you’ve got one eye on the band.

A Guide to Taking Kids to Music Festivals

A hell of a lot of people wouldn’t even dream of taking their little critters to a music festival. But why? With festivals becoming ever more family friendly, offering everything from dedicated kid’s areas with organised activities to cinema tents with family friendly screenings, there has never been a better time to introduce your little ones to the joys of a summer British music festival. 

Green Man 2016 Review

I’ve wanted to go to Green Man for a long time now, and I’m so happy we finally made it there. Set in a lush green Welsh valley, the site could not be more beautiful and acoustics could not be better. The main stage, called the Mountain Stage, has been designed for sound and scenery and is an impressive achievement.

Family-friendly country pubs around Abergavenny

Who doesn't love a country pub - great beer, a friendly atmosphere and loads of charm! Better still, who doesn't love a country pub that welcomes little people with open arms? To be fair, most pubs are quite accommodating when it comes to kids, but there's always that fear that you show up to a pub that isn't particularly kid-friendly or doesn't have a highchair when you need it so today I'm sharing some of my favourite country pubs that we visit regularly with our two rambunctious little people.

Carting Kids Round Festivals

Pushchairs, Wagons, Slings, Carriers and Buggies

I once read on the old Glastonbury advice page that parents should get a cheap £20 stroller from Argos and throw it away after the festival. WOW – I was so unimpressed by this comment!

Festivals with kids: a survivors guide

When I think of music festivals I'm momentarily transported to my youth: a summer weekend filled with great music, great friends, copious amounts of alcohol and not a care in the world as we danced late into the night. Fast forward a few decades and a few kids later and the thought of going to my favourite music festival now invokes a whole new set of feelings, mostly: how the hell am I going to enjoy the vibe and still look after two rambunctious little people?  

Taking the Plunge!


Don’t worry if you’re a bit nervous about the whole idea of a music festival with children. Even if you went to a hundred festivals before you had kids, the first one with them is a completely new experience!