Blaenavon Ironworks

The historic Blaenavon Ironworks is where the recent BBC series Coal House was filmed, because the site includes 3 rows of the original workers' terraced cottages, scenic and atmospheric and still standing now if you fancy a historical day out!

Distance from Abergavenny: 10.6 km. About 17 mins

Big Pit National Coal Museum

Big Pit National Coal Museum is a real coal mine and one of Britain's leading mining museums. With facilities to educate and entertain all ages, we offer an exciting and informative day out.

Distance from Abergavenny: 12.4 km. About 22 mins

National Roman Legion Museum

If you and your family love the Romans then the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon is for you.
We've got hundreds of things that belonged to the Romans in the Museum: try looking for the children's teeth or the soldier's helmet. We've got a soldier's bedroom made to look how it would have done 2,000 years ago, complete with metal armour for kids to try on.

Distance from Abergavenny: 29.2 km. About 34 mins

Pen-y-fan Pond

Pen-y-fan Pond is one of the last remaining canal feeder reservoirs in Wales. This popular summertime family destination offers safe, flat, open spaces to picnic, fly a kite, kick a ball or take an easy ramble. Follow the Alien Invasion Trail around the park and discover who's been visiting!

Distance from Abergavenny: 29.6 km. About 34 mins

Cyfarthfa Park and Miniature Railway

Cyfarthfa Park has 150 acres of woodland walks and gardens to explore as well as plenty of added extras for the kids to remember.  A new Family Adventure Play Zone and Interactive Splash Pad is located next to a nicely modern but sympathetically designed Visitor Centre with cafe. There is also a 1000ft miniature railway to enjoy which has a wheelchair friendly coach too! The railway route takes you past scenic Cyfarthfa Lake, around the little island, past the Castle and down the drive, concluding at the Pandy Clock. A pleasing little jaunt suitable for all ages.

Distance from Abergavenny: 31.5 km. About 33 mins

Cwmcarn Forest

Cwmcarn Forest offers a decent range of activities and events for all the family, including children's explorer trail, fishing, mountain biking and walking routes for all abilities - all with a stunning sequence of panoramic views on the side!

Distance from Abergavenny: 32.8 km. About 37 mins

Tintern Old Station

Built as a Victorian country railway station, the Old Station, Tintern is a charming site to visit for a quiet relaxing day out or to start your walk through the beautiful Wye Valley. The trains don't run from here any more so it's got a wonderfully antiquey atmosphere excellent for getting kids' imaginations going!

Distance from Abergavenny: 34.8 km. About 42 mins

Broomy Hill Miniature Railway

Entirely hand built by a local society since 1962, the Broomy Hill Miniature Railway is a charming treat for your little trainspotters, provided you can find an open day!  It's a thoughtfully concepted set up and all gauges of model locomotive are catered for with both a raised and a ground level track. The shorter, elevated track accommodates the smaller locomotives, with the bigger more impressive specimens running on the longer track which runs from Broomy Hill Station, where there is a hands on railway set for kids and an archive museum with photos and memorabilia on display. Great for those who can't get enough chuff! 

Distance from Abergavenny: 36.9 km. About 36 mins

Garwnant Visitor Centre

This beautiful forest is a jewel in the Forestry Commission crown and one of South Wales' leading recreation sites, now boasting some of the top facilities in the country. From our Changing Places disabled facilities, our trails and our award-winning restaurant, the newly re-developed site really does have something for everyone. 

Distance from Abergavenny: 36.8 km. About 36 mins

Herefordshire Nature Trust

Herefordshire is often described as England's most rural county, with a rich mosaic landscape of small fields, ancient hedgerows and wooded hills. From the Black Mountains in the west to the Malvern Hills in the east and the majestic sweep of the Wye Valley, the county embodies the finer characteristics of a rapidly vanishing traditional landscape.

Distance from Abergavenny: 40.6 km. About 45 mins

Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail has a picnic site and a childrens' playground, designed by the sculptor Andy Frost.  Andy Frost drew inspiration from the history of the Dean as a working forest to provide the play furniture adjacent to Beechenhurst Lodge. His sculptures provide a stimulating experience for youngsters up to 12 years old. Various play structures represent aspects of timber production, children can clamber over an oak tree, an old wooden ship under construction, a man and horse leading an old cartload of logs, and woodmen with a crosscut saw, modern lumberjack with chainsaw.

Distance from Abergavenny: 42.9 km. About 42 mins

St Fagans National History Museum

One of Europe's leading open-air museums and Wales's most popular heritage attraction. It stands in the grounds of the magnificent St Fagans Castle and offers traditional crafts, native livestock and exhibitions. A walk around Wales from Celtic times to the present day. St Fagans is one of Europe's leading open air museums and Wales's most popular heritage attraction.

Distance from Abergavenny: 59.6 km. About 53 mins

Porthkerry Country Park

You can't get better than this for a really well rounded family day trip: 220 acres of eminently explorable woodland and meadows, concluding in a charming limestone pebbled beach great for scenic walks between Bulwarks Iron Age Hill Fort and Bullnose Cliff. You can partially climb the cliff via the Golden Stairs which aren't quite as alluring as they sound.

Distance from Abergavenny: 70.2 km. About 1 hour 6 mins

Bristol City Museum Under 7s Gallery

Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery houses a huge and exciting range of mysterious objects to fascinate and educate, from glorious sea dinosaurs to magnificent art! A visit to the region's largest museum and art gallery is guaranteed to inspire you.

Distance from Abergavenny: 80.4 km. About 1 hour 1 min