Four free kid-friendly castle adventures in and around Abergavenny

Four free kid-friendly castle adventures in and around Abergavenny

It's no secret that Wales is known for its magnificent castles.  No matter where you are in the country there is bound to be a castle somewhere near by. Thankfully in Abergavenny there are a number of amazing castles just a short drive away - we even have one in our town centre! Even better, most of our local castles are free to visit and explore. How magical that our children have these castles as playgrounds!

Read on to discover four free castle adventures in and around Abergavenny.  Each castle can be visited individually for a fun day out - or - if you fancy a day trip through the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside you can visit all four on the same day.

Abergavenny Castle

Abergavenny Castle is located in the market town of Abergavenny with free parking inside the castle grounds or a paid parking lot just outside of the castle. Compared to other castles on this list Abergavenny has the least amount of ruins to explore, but is still an excellent castle to visit as it's particularly kid friendly because of the large, mostly in tact, wall that surrounds it.  The Abergavenny Museum is also on site which is free to visit and serves light refreshments.  Once you are done exploring the castle it's a quick walk into the town centre for a bite to eat or you can continue your outdoor adventure by wandering down to Castle Meadow which is just behind the castle grounds.

For more information visit the Abergavenny Castle website.

Location: Castle Street, Abergavenny, NP7 5EE

Grosmont Castle

Grosmont Castle is located in the quaint little village of Grosmont complete with a moat (which was empty when we visited) and a bridge to access the castle grounds.  There is no dedicated parking lot so keep an eye out for a place to park as you drive through the village. 

Inside the castle is a lovely area for the kids to play and explore.  It's worth noting that although there is a fence to keep people safe from the drop into the moat before you cross the bridge, once you are on the castle grounds the hills that drop down to the moat are completely accessible so do take extra care watching little ones who want to explore the outside perimeter of the castle.  When you are done visiting the castle you can pop into the village for a bite to eat at the local pub or a visit to the old fashioned sweet shop.

If you are feeling adventurous or if you would like to plan a future expedition Grosmont is one of the castles making up the Three Castles Walk which is an 18 mile walk between Grosmont Castle, White Castle and Skenfrith castle.

For more information about the castle visit the Grosmont Castle website.

Location: Grosmont, NP7 8EP

White Castle

White Castle is a beautiful set of ruins located in Llanvetherine.  There is a small, free carpark outside the castle.  Once inside the gate kids can safely explore the enormous grounds.  There is a moat that was filled with water when we visited and a fence that keeps people safely away although it can be easily climbed so keep an eye on curious kids.  The main castle is accessed by a bridge that crosses over the moat.

Unfortunately, the castle is not located near a pub or a village with any amenities (although the Whitecastle Vineyard is nearby) so this would be the perfect place for a family picnic.

As mentioned above, White Castle is one of the three castles that makes up the Three Castles Walk.

For more information about the castle visit the White Castle website.

Location: Llanvetherine, NP7 8RA.

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle is located in the tiny village of Skenfrith and backs onto the River Monnow.  There is a small free parking area outside the castle grounds.  Once inside the castle kids can safely wander around the remaining ruins.  This castle has no moat, but keep an eye out for the archway that leads to the River Monnow where kids can explore a magical little forest area and play on the bank of the river.  When you have finished at the castle you can cross the road and grab a bite to eat the delicious gourmet pub The Bell at Skenfrith.

Skenfrith Castle is the third castle that makes up the Three Castles Walk mentioned above.

For more information visit the Skenfrith Castle website.

Location: Skenfrith, NP7 8UH

Here's a map to help you easily find the castles. Enjoy your adventures!

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